Golf Poems

Enjoy these poems about golf, all created by me.
Haiku: "The Putt"
Step up to the putt.
Address it and make your stroke.
See it make a par.

Haiku: "Par Three"
it is a par three
fly it over the water
make a hole in one

Acrostic: "Bunkers"
Big and intimidating
Usually near the green
Never fun to hit out of
Keep out of them!
Everyone detests them
Really annoying
Some are impossible

Triplet: "Depends on Me"
I set the ball upon the tee
I'm as ready as I'll ever be
This shot depends on me

Nonet: "First Hole"
At the first tee, look down the fairway.
Tee it up, take a practice swing.
Take you driver and hit it.
It flies down the fairway
Landing in the rough
Not a good hit.
More hits, and
still score

Tyburn: Playing Par
Around the green, chipping, putting star.
And on the course, hitting, playing par.