Today I shot a 98 at Bend Golf and Country Club for 8th place. It was an off day. Next week: Tokatee.
Today we played Bend Golf and Country Club. Our friends who are members let us play as guests. The COJGA tournament there is Monday, so we were getting a practice round. I shot a 93.
I shot a 94. It was about 90 degrees, which is way too warm for me.
Today I shot 99 at Lost Tracks. It was not a good day.
The tournament at Meadow Lakes was today. I shot an 88! I lost by one stroke to get second place. There were seven golfers, all high schoolers except me and one other girl. It is amazing that I beat a bunch of high schoolers to get second place in my first COJGA tournament. It was my best score ever! I had a birdie on #3. Also, my chipping was excellent. I hit the flagstick twice and twice I got it within one foot.
We walked Meadow Lakes. I shot 99. The tournament there is less than a week away.
Today I shot a 48 on the back nine. I was kind of tired and sore.
Today we walked Lost Tracks (it was my first time walking 18 holes). I shot a 92! I even beat my dad! :-)  We will be walking more to get in shape for the COJGA tournaments.
Today I played Meadow Lakes in Prineville. I shot 97. The first COJGA tournament that I'm playing in is there in a week and a half, so I am practicing for that.