Today was the COJGA Tournament of Champions at the Woodlands course in Sunriver. I got 2nd place in the Girls Vasity 14 and under division with an 88. I chipped in on #13 for a par and shot 40 on the back nine. This is the last tournament I will be playing in this year.
Sorry! 08/09/2011
I haven't gotten around to posting on here for a while, so here's a recap:
7/22 - I played Aspen Lakes for the first time. I shot 99.
7/29 - I shot 100 at Lost Tracks.
7/30 - I shot 99 at Lost Tracks.
8/2 - We played the Woodlands course at Sunriver. I shot 101.
8/6 - I shot 95 at Lost Tracks
8/8 - The COJGA tournament was at Broken Top. I didn't do very well.

So far this summer, I have played 20 rounds. I have to play 10 more to meet my goal.
Today was the tournament at Kah-nee-ta. I shot 100 for 9th place. It was raining the whole time.
Today's COJGA tournament was at Meadow Lakes. I shot a 99 for 3rd place. It was a really hot day.
Today was the COJGA tournament at Crooked River Ranch. I shot a 93 for a tie for 6th place out of 16. It got really hot at the end of the round but it was a good day.
Today was the first COJGA tournament. We were playing at Widgi Creek. I shot a 99 for 9th place in the Girl's Varsity division. I had a birdie on #5.
I got 4th in the 14-and-under Varsity Girls. I shot 104. It was horrible. Oh well, there's always next year.
Today was the tournament at Broken Top. I tied for 6th with a 91. It was a good day. The girl who won shot a par 72. Also, I have been invited to the Tournament of Champions next Sunday!
Sorry! 08/02/2010
Sorry, I decided to take a break from posting for a while. Here's what has happened since then:
  • On July 23rd, we played a practice round at Tokatee. I shot 103.
  • The COJGA tournament at Tokatee was on the 26th. I shot 99 for 8th place. It was a bad day.
  • Yesterday I got a lesson from Bob Garza, the teaching professional at Lost Tracks. He helped me with a problem with my woods and driver. Hopefully I will start playing well again.
  • Today we played Lost Tracks. I shot 96. My woods and driver were doing better but still aren't great.
Today I shot a 98 at Bend Golf and Country Club for 8th place. It was an off day. Next week: Tokatee.