Today's Round! 06/30/2010
Today I shot a 93! It was my best round ever! I got a birdie on #15.
Today's Round 06/28/2010
Today I shot 99. It was a good round.
Yesterday I played on Heron Lakes' Great Blue course in Portland. I shot 105. It was a very nice day (not rainy!). I liked the course.
Wow! 06/22/2010
I have made 4 birdies in the last 4 rounds! I only had 1 birdie all last year. Also, I finally made I chip-in (from the sand, even!). I hadn't since I started counting.
Today's Round 06/22/2010
I shot 100. I chipped in from the sand on #4 for a birdie! It was a very warm day.
Today's Round 06/21/2010
I shot a 97. I got birdies on #13 and #15! It was a great day.
Today's Round 06/19/2010
Again, I shot a 50 on the front nine. I got a birdie on #2. My goal is to play golf 30 times this summer, and I already have 2 times!
Today's Round 06/18/2010
Today I shot a 50 on the front nine at Lost Tracks. We were going to play the back nine but it was thundering. At least today was the last day of school, now I can play golf during the week.
Today's Round 06/13/2010
Today I got a 98 at Lost Tracks, my best round of the year. It was a very warm day.
Today's Round 06/06/2010
101 at Lost Tracks. It was kind of rainy. When are we going to get some good weather?