This summer, I will be playing in COJGA (Central Oregon Junior Golf Association). I have not really played in tournaments but I need experience because I will be on the high school golf team next year. Check it out at I will put the results on here, just as I do with regular rounds. 
On this cloudy (and somewhat rainy) day, I shot a 101.
I shot a 103 at Lost Tracks. It was a very nice day.
I played at Lost Tracks today. I got a 47 on the back nine. It was very warm and sunny.
Today I shot a 51 on the front nine at Lost Tracks. The weather was nice when we started, but it turned cloudy and cold.
I shot a 48 on the back nine at Lost Tracks today after school. I also took a camera to get all of the pictures.
Currently, I am a 25 handicapper that shoots about 100 at Lost Tracks.  I wonder what I'll be at by the end of the summer??




Hey welcome to my blog! I will put things about my golfing career on here!